Skilled Brits and adventurers sought for a unique social experiment in the wilderness

Message from KEO Films

We are working on a unique project  – a groundbreaking new social experiment – that aims to see if we can leave behind all the conveniences and technology of modern life and start again. We’re looking for people to start a new community, in a remote part of the UK, over a year long period in 2016. They’ll need to do everything from growing their own food to building their homes; working as a team as well as individuals.

We’re looking for all sorts of people 18 years or over- whose skills would be beneficial.  We need everything from builders to botanists, doctors to dentists, electricians to engineers or simply artists and adventure seekers.

It’s happening in a remote part of the UK and will be filmed over a year period so we are looking for people who will not only survive but thrive. As such we are looking for people with relevant skills or a passion for the success of the community.

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