GC member to cycle from Truro to Paris

Bike Ride Promo 003Green Christian member Euan McPhee is preparing to cycle form Truro to Paris for the COP21 talks on Climate Change.

He writes:

So far, three of us(!) are cycling to Paris. We expect many more to join us for various segments of the trip,

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Reconciling a wounded planet – Coventry Cathedral

Judith Allinson gives her view of the Conference at Coventry 18-19 Sept 2015:
(This post may be expanded later)                                   Tweet hash-tag:  #woundedplanet


Over 150 people converged on Coventry Cathedral for the two day conference, about care of the environment and Christianity. “Reconciling a wounded planet

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Skilled Brits and adventurers sought for a unique social experiment in the wilderness

Message from KEO Films

We are working on a unique project  – a groundbreaking new social experiment – that aims to see if we can leave behind all the conveniences and technology of modern life and start again. We’re looking for people to start a new community, in a remote part of the UK,

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The Paris Summit 2015 – what do we want?

9979792From the 30th November for 2 weeks, there is a mega-important United Nations climate meeting in Paris.


Governments have met since 1992 and achieved diddly-squat, but this year the impetus for a radical agreement has been unprecedented. Top people from all aspects of society –

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Don’t miss out on a piece of Baked Alaska!

12032635_10153778785411019_1168894753815770418_oRuth Jarman writes:

‘Baked Alaska came to my locality last night. I was bowled over! I’ve been climate campaigning for decades, and tend to go to environmental events expecting a touch of boredom, but this show was new, inciteful, powerful and, most importantly, funny! One of the hardest challenges with climate campaigning is how to be honest about the dire straights we are in,

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